Visit Victoria


There is evidence of a long term decline in interstate travel to regional areas. Marketing feedback has indicated that it fails to truly engage visitors by allowing them to shape their own experience.

‘Make consumers want to go’
via a multifaceted, brand campaign to build an emotional connection with regional Victoria.

‘Give consumers information’
provide consumers with curated content on destinations and experiences, tailored by lifestage.

‘Make it easy for consumer to purchase’
through activities that assist the consumer to book/purchase.


To gather insight into the user’s travel habits, we visited local tourist information centres and conducted some surveys and tested the existing site with users. After gathering this data, we concluded they wanted a mobile experience that allows them to get information quickly, without being made to feel like a tourist and share their experiences.

Bringing together the observations, interviews and research we found three main focus points for users. 

Help them make a plan

Time Management/Calendar

Help them explore in realtime

Interactive map
Plan on the go
Local places

Show Empathy

Designer Journey
Seamless Booking
Prioritize their interests
Eliminate the unknown
Keep them informed
Explore like a local

Why is there no options to book, save trips and accommodation?


Given that we found that users wanted up-to-date information on the go, we started thinking about designing a dynamic mobile app.

We ideated some concepts ranging from interactive and engaging to more curated & information-based. We sketched and tested these concepts with our users and found that people wanted curated lists, reviews and better images (amongst other things).

One learning from this process is that if we had further developed the prototype for the more engaging concept, users might have understood it more clearly. This shows that selecting the right tools at various times in the process it quite important, however due to the tight timeframe for this project (2 weeks), it wasn’t feasible to spend the time to flesh out the prototype.


Our solution was an app that gives users curated inforrnation based on their interests and location. Features of the app included suggested points of interest within the user’s vicinity and a location-saving feature that users could turn into an editable and sharable holiday timeline.